About Us

Sci9 open access e-books are the unique path to reach all through the universe in a digital way without any restriction for accessibility to readers as well as authors.


Our mission is to circulate knowledge amongst the world which may be add-on to the research work of scientists. And also to flourish perception in research to scientific world and aid to scientific community executed by ongoing research. To reduce the risk of public life by publishing quality chapters received from eminent scientist in our Open access e-books.


Our main intention is to convene the research scholars from all countries under one platform i.e., sci9 e-books in the way that the world at large can approach us for sharing and acquiring knowledge through open access. To publish the chapters in the minimal time period, leads to create awareness in public health education and science.

Unique Features

    • Provide Digital Object Index number to every chapter
    • One week internal review process
    • Chapters of eBooks publish in digital formats
    • Publication immediately after acceptance
    • Language Translation Facility is available