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The main text (excluding Abstract, Methods, References and figure legends) should be no more than 5,500 words. The maximum Article title length is 15 words. The Abstract which must be no more than 200 words long and contain no references, and the references should be in aligned way.

The chapter should be check well before submitting; it should be genuine i.e. not submitted anywhere to publish.  Chapter should be prepared with uniform requirement  which should contains author affiliation, abstract, keywords, introduction, methods, results, conclusion, acknowledgment, funding, conflicts of interest, copyrights, references, figures & tables if any. Author must and should send cover letter (signed by all co-authors also) which is mandatory.

The published chapter will be also played in digital book, PDF, full-text and audio version.

Withdrawal Policy: Withdraw of article can be done within 24 hours of chapter submission, after 24 hours till acceptance the withdrawal charges will be  180 USD, once the chapter accepted withdraw is not possible.