Open Access

To continue the quality and standards of the eBooks editors is the central part and journal assisting the publisher in maintaining the journal’s quality towards serving the scientific community.


  • Editor plays vital role in eBooks should actively involve prevent research delinquency and educating researchers about publication ethics.
  • Should determine whether chapters submitted are related for eBook to maintain the quality standard.
  • Should guide from experts and training to perform the publisher's role in a professional manner and improve the quality of the eBooks.
  • An editor should respect the intellectual independence of authors.
  • An editor should give unbiased consideration to all manuscripts offered for publication, judging each on its merits without regard to race, gender, religious belief, ethnic origin, citizenship, or political philosophy of the author(s).
  • Unpublished information, arguments, or interpretations disclosed in a submitted manuscript should not be used in an editor’s own research except with the consent of the author.